mandag 27. januar 2014

Pologensere av fleece / fleece turtlenecks

To pologensere av fleece. Størrelse: 98/104.
De er perfekt under barnehagedressen eller i bilen.
Jeg har sydd begge to etter symønsteren Wangerooge fra Farbenmix.

When the kids are outside in winter all day - no matter how bad the weather is - they need warm clothes. So they need between the woolen underwear and the outer shell another layer. I don't like the fleece overalls as they are quite difficult to get rid off for the kids when t has to go fast - the the winter one piece suit is difficult enough. So I always choose fleece pullovers and trousers.
Two fleece turtlenecks  in size 98/104.
Perfect as second layer under the suit in the kindergarden or in the car where you should not where too much clothes for safety reasons.
I sewed both after the sewing pattern Wangerooge from Farbenmix.

Første er til glisefisken min. Med ugle broderi på frontsiden. Broderi mønster er fra klimperklein.

The first is for the little grinfish. With an owl embroidery on it. The pattern is from klimperklein.

Andre er til salgs. Gutten vet eksakt hva han vil ha. Han vil ikke pologenser med trekanter... OK...
200 NOK + frakt.

The second one is for sale. My little man knows exactly what he wants. And he definitely does not want a turtleneck with triangles on it. Ok... 

Ha en fin dag alle sammen.
Have a nice day all of you.